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Originally Posted by joeroberts View Post
this site is not a hack site just for TSSE it has many other sources here to!
so condeming us for that one source completly is not so nice
1.No other sources here are encoded or including security backdoors so i talked about it.
2. As you know TSSE is the most visited, interested and required source.

no one can blame you because you are not responsible for that but i see in every topic - announcing a new version of TSSE - members saying that they hope to find someone to get it nulled and decoded and expressing happiness that you will beat xam

Originally Posted by joeroberts View Post
@mankind - Because people that cant code nor do they wish to learn we have an a$$hole whole stole free open source code from Tbdev repacked it - encrypted it and basically made a source thats pathetic but you all still buy it and continue to line his pocket - Take a good look at yerselfs - LoL paying for a source then providing content free - thats pricelss by the way Lmao... Bv list should be congratulated for continually assualting the said muppets releases and hurting where it counts his pocket - Why dont you do a decode and null and see how your attempt fairs ?? - So im sorry yer post is a waste of space - If everyone would stop using/buying that crap and support the real people ie Tbdev/phpmybittorrent/fts/tt any source your not being ripped off for then this whole scene would be a healthier place .. But until that day happens the viscious circle will continue - Well done Bv for hurting that muppet with every release you have done so far :)

Just my 2 cents its not directed at anyone just read carefully what i said and have a think about it :-P
Bigjoos , you had an idea about me that I'm a TS SE buyer LOL
I'm not and will not do that
So, try to understand me well that i don't and will never support XAM.
Then, let us talk about the topic I mentioned.

Originally Posted by Fynnon View Post
First of all it is not our duty to NULL and DECODE TS, we do it if we can, when we can and the best we can!
TS v5.6 is DECODED, and it wasn`t easy. Most of this source has been nulled by various people but it`s not completed so i can`t say its fully nulled !

Some of our members have fixed a few files, others nulled some files but nobody took all of this fixes and put them together to make a GOOD release !
If anyone can put together fixed files and null the source please do it then PM me or another admin or mod of this forum and after a test it will be released...

I think there is one file which wasn`t decoded so that is one reason to not release this source as NULLED !
Many use the source and it seems to work as i dindn`t see complaints so if you can use it FREE i think is good but not perfect !
I want as much as you to have a perfect release everytime but unfortunately this in not always possible !
Dear, you can say that when this points to one or two versions of TSSE , but XAM already released 8 versions since he released 4.3 and I said above
sorry to say that only TS SE v4.3 was nulled and decoded.

and this thread is not blaming you , believe me I JUST DISCUSS and my thread may be helpful because i really like BVList and as you said above

Some of our members have fixed a few files, others nulled some files but nobody took all of this fixes and put them together to make a GOOD release !

so why not making that as a project ? you can elect a good team for securing , finalizing and testing versions.

Good luck
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