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Tbdev is gone and wont return, i would confidentially say all the work posted is lost unless he opens it again - Cf will have back ups no doubt but obvious fact is he ain't interested at this present time. All the key coders and staff left or were banned long before that place shut down due to split allegiances and internal fights directly attributed to differences in opinions which happens in every walk of life. I took all the 08 mods that counted and were decent, made them Xhtml valid, secured them and removed all php errors long before any of that went down and spent over a year doing so. U-232 is the only place your going to get any access to TBdev mods, there are on my forum, i never done no half arsed job either its been done properly seeing i was Ex Tbdev staff. I'm still the only one churning out new shit and mods continually on my forum and don't see the same anywhere else. U-232 wont ever suffer the same fate Tbdev has, im in control because i host it all on my server, i dont rely on public to run my setup i rely on myself. U-232 is Tbdev 09 final at its core, its no different from any variant either if you are clever enough, i can put U-232 V3 mods into any Tbdev variant so think about that. If anyone wants to know key differences ask, its minor in timestamps in the front end and db, 09 used a php wrapper on html $HTMLOUT - thats simple to swap back to echo, honestly its no hard at all.

The only ever present problem is people sitting on dinosaur source codes, thats the real problem, if you don't keep up to date you run the risk of what we all just seen, isolation because the forum closes and you stood by and never done anything about it, It is easy to take Tbsource or any variant and update to 09/10 or u-232 or what ever if your prepared to use your head.

If you take anything from my post - It should be what I'm getting at, the past is the past, let it rest and allow the new projects to take its place, history and heritage will never be forgotten.

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