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Thumbs down torrentgalaxy FTUApps who are puting out hacker applications
torrentgalaxy FTUApps who are puting out hacker applications

ESET NOD32 Antivirus / Smart Security v8.0.319.1 Pre-Activated [RePack] [FTUApps]

Do not download this if you see it on any site

What torrentgalaxy are doing is letting hacker upload torrents from FTUApps and its full of back doors on install of them

A. what this app is doing from FTUApps is removing the host file windows/system/drivers/ect/host file and more so every file with it this folder is being renamed and backs doors put in to your pc
B. ive told torrentgalaxy and all admin as done is banned my account LOL LOVE beware of any applications from torrentgalaxy and FTUApps and all there websites geting all your intell from your Windows

I hed formate my PC and reload windows 10 i did a few formate and payed for the real application and no host files been re moved or renames no back doors
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