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Originally Posted by trustme View Post
I agree at 100% with pdq
They are some points that members need know about who is the really CF and what he did before and what he did now.
My idea is that this "CF" have a doble personalite. Yeah! A guy with "double personalite" is a sick guy in my country.

Sometimes he make a small shit but others times make a big shit. In the fact i think that CF is in second stat of spirit. A big shit is what he are doing now in tbdev.

He will destoi tbdev. What is he doing in last days? Banning people? Demote people? I can be more far away! I think that he is spamming the tbdev right now for show activity!

When he know that only activity is making by few new guys with a "lols" Problems that CF try help. (Yes, try help cause i think that somethimes he know less then new guys that post problems).

And is like pdq say:
"also credits are a non-issue to me they only became an issue because he has put his name alone in headers on codes that are not made by him"

This is a poor men!
Is the credits that incrase your e-penis CF? Is "only you" that make and upgrade the sources?
All the mods that people really apreciates was made my Sir, putyn, pdq, retro and others coders.

Also the source is supported by that coders to.
And you? What you post? What you help? What you do?

All your posts are trying show your superiority eg: Do not do this, read rules, my mommy coder better with no heads, and more!

And you get the credits? Camon... Be a men just for one time.

Tell to all members that donate to you, for a source that was not made by you only!
I dont have the skills coding that you have, but im sure that im more men then you. Let me take my coffee of the day.
I find no humor in what I posted and I have not threatened anyone in anyway - and I an not harassing anyone in any way - I'm just stating facts -

I don't intend to get into it with you - that's not why I am here.......

those threats were made from here against tbdev -
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