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Default Just a pee on
Well I have been on TBDEV for a while and I am so grateful to all coders.

I saddens me to see all this as far as politics.
I am one of the newbies that was afraid to ask questions years ago because of the responses from some folks.

Hey go learn html or here or go here to w3 schools and learn php.
I really hated looking stupid even though I was.
Then snuggles started posting and actually standing up for some of the newbies.

He would tell experienced coders that it was not the proper way to treat people.
He would stand up when someone was talked down to.

My God what a breath of fresh air.
Pdq would post after a coder would say you need to learn html and she would post the answer and help.The brass has always been polite also.

I am not posting this to bash tbdev at all but to show something from a users point of view.
For over a year I was afraid to get involved as I watched users get reamed for stupid questions until I saw a change happening with snuggles and some very nice people who did not belittle folks and were willing to share there knowledge with out belittling users.

I have tried my hardest to post now and help out any user if I can because of there example to me.
I don't come here to much except to try and get answers to things as far as code stuff so I am not as experienced with your forum as far as how folks are treated etc.

I feel knowledge that is shared is fantastic and when it folks are treated with respect like snuggles Pdq and the brass has been in the past then we all benefit.

I hope TBDEV does not go back to the way it was when I first joined as it was a nightmare for a newbie and I thnak folks like snuggles and Pdq for changing the atmosphere.

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