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NatashaRhea 2nd May 2011 18:13

ha ha i didnt even notice that what a moron i am sometimes thanks Bigjoss i tried to log on your forum to get V2 it is being moved ill look for V2 later on thanks again and well done to all on the source

Ledgic 3rd May 2011 03:08

memcache extension
hi i got it installed V2 but when i load the site and go to log in i get a white page and it says memcache extension not installed have i done something wrong ?

Bigjoos 3rd May 2011 05:46

Well i did list the requirements on the main post and that means installing memcache on your server and ensuring its running so once you have that done you'll be able to use the code.

wMan 3rd May 2011 11:24

lests hope its not a mess
Lets hope its not a mass like u did the installer ll give it ago a
nd let u know big j from a old mate from years ago

stoner 3rd May 2011 12:32

This is a great source code. Ideal for just about any admin no matter your coding level.

I have been using it for only a couple of months now, but see new bits being added all the time, which is a great indication on how the code will progress over time.

Keep up the good work guys and gals. Also I would like to see some of the sites out there using this code :drink:

wMan 3rd May 2011 13:18

Why rename it itz a 09 code why i do not know big j why 2downloads of it ? Ive all ready have this code from few monthz ago . What i never got crom here

Bigjoos 3rd May 2011 15:30

There's a standard version == U-232 for those that cant get there head around installing memcache on there server or simply cant and theres 2 versions of the memcache version U-232 V1 and U-232 V2,V1 had 8 templates built for it and i faced a major issue updating 8 templates at a time so V2 was introduced, V2 had a complete re-design and got some systems added that are completely new in preparation for V3 which will sport .TPL, Its about choice but if your not happy sure i'll remove them and leave you less choice and a basic code. The rename is simply putting our brand on the code because were the ones that's spent 16 odd months developing it so you the end user simply has an alternative to the current source codes available.. im entitled to do that and lets be honest Installer09 sounds pathetic and ties it to 2 years ago.

wMan 3rd May 2011 16:19

thax getting back
Thax for your input on this one big J ll download the memcache from here as its the best of the code one morething can i remove themes ?
have one as there's is too many there is one i like only ?

Bigjoos 3rd May 2011 16:30

Aye if its V1 you have it has eight and you want say theme number 5 - simply take folder 5 rename it to 1 and then edit template.php and change any links from 5 to 1 and also the css file from 5.css to 1.css as number 1 template will always be the default - Use the template manager in admin panel to delete the entrys from db or add them - Its straight forward to change it to one template only just have to remember that there numbered and so is any links within those template.php files.

wMan 3rd May 2011 20:33

thax buzzing big J
Thax big J

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