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Subzero 19-10-08 00:03

CodeX Installer v4
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This code is no longer being built nor supported !

It never made it out of Beta due to various reasons so you have it from my mouth its dead - finito - gone and i wont be answering any other posts on it - If you respect my wishes you'll remove this - The people that have it are all grown ups if they cant figure it out it wasnt for them in the first place - Sorry but this is how it has to be - Codex/Tbdev Installer is Dead
- BigJoos



This code is not official TbDEV source code any more so dont go to TbDEV and post any more support requests.
If you want support for this source then Bvlist is where you'll get me responding to your posts :-P Subzero

This was known as TBDev Modded Source by BigJoos - now it has a new name: CodeX Installer v4

A little history on this one - it started about 6 months ago initially as a default code with installer feature then i realized it could become modded the most popular mods used with the highest help requests posted. That produced this release where its fully loaded with mods and input from myself where i just made code of the cuff or modified exsisting code to serve other functions. I'll fully support this release and i hope to get input from you as well to further refine it so we end up with a damm fine source. - You'll notice the structure is like the latest Tbdev release. Good Luck !!

Be aware that this code is fully loaded and not super quick so dont expect that and it requires a fair bit of skill to run as well.

All i can say is a big thank you to every Tbdev member's mod's/snippets i've used.
This source is complete in terms of mods and now it will be fully debbuged and stablized for final release - Stay tuned !!

3v0 19-10-08 01:32

Firstly great work by Bigjoos for putting in the hours putting this source together, I'm sure this will be a great advantage to alot of people starting off there own tracker but why oh why with that theme :-( IMO it should have been left to the default TB theme thats been used since dinosaurs roamed the land.

empereur 19-10-08 03:49

what is damage it is topic what shall have to be magazine no but very source the one who has a nice topic as that her I am available to take it thank you

Krypto 19-10-08 12:06

Also remember to edit announce.php and enter your database details otherwise you will receive 'torrent not registered'.

empereur 19-10-08 22:54

somebody shall be able to make topics for this version which is more cool thank you in advance

Krypto 20-10-08 01:16

Some fixes from BigJoos

On line 165 of takemessage.php change that test code url - pdq provided the fix only i totally forgot about it being set to a test code url :

PHP Code:

if ($returnto == ''

to this adding your own url

PHP Code:

if ($returnto == ''

On index.php change this

PHP Code:

"cache/forumpost".($CURUSER['class'] >= UC_ADMINISTRATOR 'staff' '').".html";
if (
else {
ob_start(); // start the output buffer
$fp fopen($cachefile'w');
// save the contents of output buffer to the file
// close the file
// Send the output to the browser

To this

PHP Code:


Just quick fixes from last minute testing and editing i was doing today - i forgot to revert those 2 small ones back pardon.gif main files will be updated.

sharpe 20-10-08 02:32

Looks neat this source but how is the
compatibility with the mods and hacks thats overall accesible on the net??

TheArcadeMaster 20-10-08 10:25

problems with install
i have installed thid 4 times now and all i keep getting is a big stop sign can someone please help me and tell me wat im doing wrong
thanks in advance:wild:

Krypto 20-10-08 11:36


PHP Code:

        $stats "<font class=small>Class: ".get_user_class_name($arr2["UC"]).""."Posts: $forumposts"."Uploaded: $uploaded "."Downloaded: $downloaded"."Ratio: $ratio"


PHP Code:

        $stats "<font class=small>Class: ".get_user_class_name($arr2["class"]).""."Posts: $forumposts"."Uploaded: $uploaded "."Downloaded: $downloaded"."Ratio: $ratio"


Remove or comment out this line on the 3 files above.
PHP Code:

include ('include/user_functions.php'); 


PHP Code:


to your database name.

sharpe 20-10-08 12:22

How do i shut off the e-mail verification?
I mean so that every one can login immediately.

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