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BoLaMN 26th June 2008 11:08

To-Do List
To-Do List:
  • NFO Mod
  • Tracker Status : Failure: Your client is not connectable! fix. - i dont get this error but ive made changes to possibly fix this error
  • Ajax 5 star ratings.
  • Online Users: double users shown.

*** any suggestions please post in this forum ***

kp380lv 26th June 2008 11:36

Re: To-Do List
BoLaMN this will be very nice :)

With these modifications tracker be more optimized and nicer!

Themes.php: change & add themes to your tracker without phpmyadmin

Mod who let Users post tracker bugs
Ajax Chat
AJAX registration
AJAX messages
AJAX notices
AJAX status
Torrent critics
Greetings (about bonuses is chance add text, marquee vertical type)
Radio monitor
Radio most played songs
Radio song voting
Random welcome: example - Hi kp380lv, Yo kp380lv, Whatsaaap kp380lv, Konichiwa kp380lv something that

Tracker Status : Failure: Your client is not connectable! fix.
Ajax 5 star ratings
Online Users: double users shown

Changed my.php example here:

BoLaMN 26th June 2008 14:46

Re: To-Do List
looks like its going to turn into another xam full of javascript :P

3v0 26th June 2008 15:37

Re: To-Do List
A few suggestions if they are possible :)

iMDB mod -

Inviteadder (UserGroup) -

I have also redited the formatss.php as the translation wasnt the best, anyone who wants it I'll upload it for them on here

BoLaMN 26th June 2008 15:42

Re: To-Do List
upload it and if its better ill include it in the main update

Kotafi 26th June 2008 15:55

Re: To-Do List

Originally Posted by BoLaMN
looks like its going to turn into another xam full of javascript :P

thats not cool, i know a site where is No javascript at all,
maybe in some staff pages but not for users :D:

3v0 26th June 2008 15:56

Re: To-Do List
1 Attachment(s)
Here it is here :D:

Also formats.php has a slight error

Line 27 should be


BoLaMN 26th June 2008 16:09

Re: To-Do List
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have updated but readded the any errors or inacuratys please goto staff.php :p i like it heheheh

delete formats.php and formatss.php and replace with this

kp380lv 26th June 2008 20:45

Re: To-Do List
Ok I can help too!:D

But BoLaMN your task is integrate shoutbox bot in this source;) I upload ShoutBox Chat Bot

Becouse i try integrate but it's does not working correctly:)

ANDiTKO 28th June 2008 01:51

Re: To-Do List
After registering we get this message:

Signup Successful
Thank you for registering in our site! You can now login here and start useing your account.
and after clicking the "here" we get this error...

You have already loged in!
Just edit the redirecting link from login.php to index.php

PS. nice to have you back :coffee:

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