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firefly007 02-01-15 23:14

Where do you download from?
Ive put these sites together based on popularity, but its not in order of popularity.

DND 02-01-15 23:18

Neither.. xdcc or ftp :wild:

firefly007 02-01-15 23:27

Yea! try and keep it torrents :)

Fynnon 03-01-15 02:31

I wanted to say TPB but... :sos:

firefly007 03-01-15 02:46

hehe Fyn

Archangel 03-01-15 14:28


Originally Posted by Fynnon (Post 45939)
I wanted to say TPB but... :sos:

Rumor is it's going to make a comeback on 1 February :read:


DND 03-01-15 16:36

I don't care, who else doesn't ? :clown::welcome:

Johnny Utah 09-06-15 22:14

ThePirateBay is back, you just have to use the google DNS

goldenVirginia 11-06-15 18:29

I went for years without IPTorrents; I remember back in the day when the owner was caught faking peers, and invites were basically given away like demonoids, but damn, that built up the userbase and the content. After being a dedicated downloader on TorrentLeech in that time (like 6 or 7 years), this year I switched and got into IPT. It's definitely worth having, but I wouldn't say worth financially supporting: there's too much dodgy back end business, especially if you believe the hype in /r/trackers.

After that, TVChaos for UK television; I was on TheBox again for the 6 or 7 years; The Scene itself used to hardly cater for British TV, so TheBox was an absolute must for me. Then they faked their death, and yes I was on too, until that died like 3 months later. In all honesty, a lot of people hated them for these moves but the amount of scrutiny they were under by the UK's MPAA and British Police must have been insane. They weren't lowkey, there was a strong (if somewhat big headed) community, and their capping team provided a genuine service for years: and still people complained. TVChaos definitely lives up to TheBox's memory.

ThePlace and TheVault, don't use these too often, but the content on there is absolute gold. Very hard to keep a ratio though, so I need to be careful as to what to download. The same with What.CD, but all of these trackers have very different purposes.

SceneAccess is good too, but there's nothing on there you can't find elsewhere, only because it's a trackers' tracker; lots of talk that the content they race just gets raced to other lower sites, and in all honesty, who is at their computer the second things get pre'd? I'm not, so pretime doesn't bother me.

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