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Birkoff 4th March 2013 13:44
NexusPHP moded by me:


gogo999 7th March 2013 07:22

Cool is perfect
Work is so well made

However, under the bug and how to solve the bug IMDB Got


2 bugs: 1) The "List Unconnectable Users" in admin panel does not work 2) The tracker has problem "There is a minimum announce time of 30s". Hope to fix it in the future

DND 15th March 2013 14:23

download link?

Chez 15th March 2013 15:34

There's no download link... is not for download!

Tones 15th March 2013 21:15


Originally Posted by Chez (Post 39974)
There's no download link... is not for download!

will never understand people like you post something like that if not sharing ..... Only way to boast or what?

Chez 16th March 2013 10:25

I tell you what i know, it's not my source and i don't see what's the problem with my post

Phogo 16th March 2013 15:51

Lets hope you fixed the XSS flaws...

Marco 17th July 2013 12:09

i will never understand , those people who shows something, but it not share,
i see many things here , what was only on image, but not the mod, to do we either those , who not so smartass like you.

gogo999 16th August 2013 13:20 File
1 Attachment(s)
Is it ...?

danilxd 30th August 2013 01:33

PHP Fatal error: Class 'Memcache' not found in

help plz D:

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