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Kotafi 27th May 2008 04:31
I have some invites this place but i want some proof that you are serious user so take a screenshot from your stats in some other tracker and send me your email addy :cool:

snakebite 28th May 2008 13:03

i would realy like this invite...

if you decide to give me this invite then i will pm you whit my e-mail

DrNet 19th June 2008 23:36

1 Attachment(s)
here's my ratio at TL

Attachment 139

Kotafi 21st June 2008 10:56

Invite sent to snakebite and im waiting email addy from DrNet :superman:

DrNet 21st June 2008 19:24

Dear Hatchet Please Check Your PM

thanks bro now i got an account :)

Kotafi 21st June 2008 21:00

lol, I aint your "Dear" but im glad you two got your invites :D:

..and Fynnon what are you flaming about :rofl:

DrNet 22nd June 2008 13:08

well thanks for the invite anyway ............. and sorry for saying "Dear"

Fuck3r 6th July 2008 01:42

yo master here my email please givme one
my screenshot

Kotafi 6th July 2008 13:46

Fuck3r, you are invited! :wild:

retestrak 23rd July 2008 22:46

who can invite me ? :(( my mail is

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