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ADRIEN69 22nd November 2014 20:25

Search site or encoder

So, I come to you because for years my dream of having my own download site torrents.

Except that here, I just have some basic coding and no expert.

So I come to you because I would like to know a site that sells a can or a suitable encoder that would seriously and could help me get my project.

So I expect your proposals and hope to find my happiness here.

good day to you

Fynnon 22nd November 2014 21:04

FRENCH torrents tracker with VIDEO installation guide

1. tracker site files

2. video tutorial for Windows

ADRIEN69 22nd November 2014 21:15

recherche site ou codeur
Je te remercie bien de ta réponse je vais regarder sa avec attention : Vague:

Krypto 22nd November 2014 21:42

English ONLY

Also make an Introduction

ADRIEN69 22nd November 2014 21:49

sorry I did not know he had to speak in English

Bump: however, always looking for a site or an encoder

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