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ArturK 26th May 2008 23:20

Hi, i really want join to FeedThe.Net please if someone has invite give me :drink:

Kotafi 27th May 2008 04:14

Me too! :superman:

I could trade that for something good too because those are kinda rare :P
But i dont mention what because I dont want to get banned :D:

ArturK 27th May 2008 09:32

feedthe is omg tracker

korl 4th June 2008 16:43

It's really hard to get an invite there, almost impossible, but if can help the right guy you may just get it :D

Neptune 11th June 2008 13:15


Originally Posted by ArturK
feedthe is omg tracker

LOL, because you can't get an account there ?
FTN is best tracker after SCT & SCC!

KinetiX 11th June 2008 21:29

Re: FeedTheNet
i`d need one too if anyone has to sparel...i keep good ratios with a seedbox :)

K7X 14th June 2008 18:34

Re: FeedThe.Net
very rare to get one

and the invites r disabled for the moment

guitarjohan 13th August 2008 23:13

i realy need i have ratio proof in other trackers.
send me a pm if you'd like to spare me an invite :)

opeta 19th October 2008 21:08

Hi, i really want join to please if someone has invite give me

Steve-O 1st November 2008 14:07

lol not likely to get an invite to this site with your posting the sites url and or full name but heh good luck

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