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9bz 18-04-15 01:25

nzbstrike xampp php error on localhost
sorry but iam trying to install a old copy of nzbstrike on a localhost
its been 5 year as last i ran my copy so i got the new xampp ran it on win 8.1 and got the same messed up stuff (see pic) had this years ago but i edited php.ini file and it stopped this. can you help to get the working what to edit in the php.ini see pic

Timisoreanul 18-04-15 19:53

Hello, here is the fix:

9bz 19-04-15 12:27

thx's alot just what i was looking for,,,,,,,,,, #80)

DND 19-04-15 12:41

i can't belive ppl still don't know how to configure their own webserver, but they want to run somekind of website.

firefly007 17-05-15 14:45

Its not necessarily the configurion, WAMP XAMP or any of the kind Isn't good or even Ideal to use, I don't use it. Its easier to install a Linux distro on a spare PC and then install all the lib's needed to execute your source code and yes I know that some people don't have the option of having a spare PC or notebook but still that is no excuse because there are a lot of virtual environments out there that work very well for example: VirtualBox, Vmware and Windows Virtual PC.


Have you checked if you have short tags activated??

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