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Fynnon 4th May 2008 19:09

Forum Rules !
  • No Spam
  • No Warez
  • No Introduction then No Advertising or asking for Help
  • No Double Posting
  • Start new topics for each problem you wish to post.
  • Put the error messages inside [code] tags.
  • Forum is english ONLY
This will improve the efficiency of the search system, allow us to archive informative posts and be able to remove posts from the main forums when they have been answered. In time hopefully this will lead to the main source topics to remain informative so users do not have to crawl through 10 pages of help posts just to see if there is a known bug plus fix e.c.t. with any specific source.



Warez is not alowed if it`s not tracker related !
If you have doubts about a file you want to share just give me a PM !

Thanks !

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