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dumorim 15th January 2011 20:46

torrentleech, blackcats-games ,
I wonder if someone has to sell or invitation to make a donation to calls for these 2 sites please add msn

daffy 15th January 2011 21:25

:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: good joke

TL has just given a way 30k (30,000) invites, all were gone in 1 hour. if your not fast, your last. i have invites for TL, i would NEVER GIVE nor SELL EVER. they are like rocking horse shit to get hahahaha

dumorim 15th January 2011 22:11

if you have an invitation, add me on msn so we can see how the price would focus

daffy 15th January 2011 23:20

i would never sell nor give away. you can offer me 100 + and i would say no

dumorim 16th January 2011 00:09

ok friend ....

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