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DooM 5th February 2015 23:54

Back in business with an old source
Hello guys. Please don't laught about this but I really loved the Netmaniack 1.6 source. I really like the design but I know it's an old source, full of bugs and exploits. Anyway, I took that source since 2014 and I was trying to repair the founded bugs, eliminate all the exploits and secure it. I know this sounds crazy but I really like this source. What do you think about it? Does anyone else likes this source?

firefly007 6th February 2015 00:12

Good for you hey, keep it up!!

DND 6th February 2015 00:43

No and no.:coffee:

DooM 6th February 2015 02:00


Originally Posted by DND (Post 46326)
No and no.:coffee:

Why not? What do you preffer?

Anyway, I deleted everything and now I'm working with Project-U232 V3

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