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shasta 23rd May 2011 19:33


Originally Posted by ddshow (Post 28056)
$INSTALLER09['cookie_prefix'] = 'some text';
$INSTALLER09['cookie_path'] = 'some text';
$INSTALLER09['cookie_domain'] = 'some text';

you put some details here ======/include/config.php empty were i put some text without quotes and work the login if not work empty the cookie on your browser

thanks , with just put the cookie_domain working good

ddshow 24th May 2011 17:23


Originally Posted by Bump:
what can i have to do for make this dont see


  if ($debug_ids) {
    if ($q['query_stat']) {
    $htmlfoot .= "


    foreach ($q['query_stat'] as $key => $value) {
    $htmlfoot  .= "
    $htmlfoot .='
IDQuery TimeQuery String
".($key + 1)."". ($value['seconds'] > 0.01 ?
" : "".

delete this lines in templates/1/template.php

Bigjoos 24th May 2011 19:25

PHP Code:

$debug       = array(1234); 
$debug_ids   = (SQL_DEBUG && in_array($CURUSER['id'], $debug) ? 0); 

On each template.php function stdfoot - Everyone does not see that... if you would follow and trace the code you would have seen that only the userid's in the allowed array can see the query debug info. Its setup for the Sysop to have it on because that is info you need to see if you know anything about code.

Tony 26th May 2011 01:34

This is a VERY good source for people wanting a stable trusted script to start them off and im glad bigjoo and the rest who built this source decided to release it :drink:

I think its better for users to use a safe , supported source than use most of the sources which have simply been modified to hell in less than a couple of days and then put up for release with endless shabby backdoors and exploitable files etc due to it being a person who isn't experienced enough in the first place..

Good luck with the project bigjoo and the rest and hope i learn some things from the sources for myself :friend:

Bigjoos 29th May 2011 11:59

Thanks for the comments tony, Were trying our best with it, You know you can take some credit yourself for this because its down to me seeing your torrentstrike modded code ages ago that gave me the push to do it with Tbdev source code :friend:

kp380lv 4th June 2011 21:12

Good luck Joos but i think that russian coders are lil bit better. They are making torrent tracker source scripts with SEO,Memached,Cron Sytem,integrated external torrent,optimized,secure accurate written php scripts and so on. Most of all russian and ukrainian source codes is based on YSE all other versions is heavy modified YSE scripts. That's proove one thing - YSE 4ever..

But it's great that to heard about U-232 project. Looks very interesting:)

Good luck!

Bigjoos 5th June 2011 01:22

Wouldn't argue there mate im no one to compare my skills to anyone because im still a n00b considering the grand scale - There's so much talent out there developing atm, im still catching up in a lot of aspects but i have a vision or i have an expectation im trying to aspire to so heres hoping and thanks a lot for the encouragement.. means a lot .. Test server url is posted so dont be shy : )

Eltan 17th June 2011 16:09

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice :)

it53lv 18th June 2011 23:29

ssl sertificate seems not to be trusted by google chrome
so ithink you need to fix some of that ore not use https

Bigjoos 19th June 2011 01:01

I create my own self signed certificate which is arguably as secure if not more secure than your so called " bought " certificates you choose to no enter it thats your choice.., the project is open source, i host it all myself and i dont pay for jack, if you wish to pay attention to some stupid response on your browser fine but don't waste your time telling me how to set up a webserver because i can do that for fun.

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