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Fynnon 14-03-09 19:36

Download: Gazelle RC2 rev. 11440
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Latest files from SVN

The source that runs the tracker:

In order to run Gazelle, you need:

- apache


- memcached

And the following php extensions:

- GD (for the captcha and the similar artist map)

- mb_string (multibyte strings)

- mcrypt (for encrypting cookies)

- memcache (interface to connect with memcached)

- mysqli (because the ordinary mysql libraries just don't cut it)


TheArcadeMaster 01-05-09 19:31

dedicated server
how do i get my mysql password i have my root password but it doesnt seem to work

mybe 18-08-09 12:41

Thank you very much...

you have to enable innoDB then import gazzelle sql

then in install_handle.php find this line
PHP Code:

mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM permissions");
fail('Something went wrong when trying to create the tables: '.mysql_error());

and replace with this
PHP Code:

mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM permissions");
    fail('Something went wrong when trying to create the tables: '.mysql_error());

djadja 18-08-09 20:55


Originally Posted by TheArcadeMaster (Post 11241)
how do i get my mysql password i have my root password but it doesnt seem to work

The same problem... Any ideas to solve it?

Zepp 18-08-09 21:49


Originally Posted by djadja (Post 14548)
The same problem... Any ideas to solve it?

What hosting are you using?

crazyty 26-08-09 17:52

I found solution.
If you are on a localhost, find and put there the password and you are done :)

wMan 13-09-09 19:23

what is xbtt.tar.gz for in package ?

Viperia 13-09-09 19:53

The xbtt.tar.gz is the torrent tracker, rest of the things like html, php and css is just the front-end for the tracker since gazelle uses XBTT which is a tracker writen in C if im not mistaken. :)
Really fast and efficient stuff this!


wMan 13-09-09 20:00

so hove do i realy install it ? like i have to unzip source files and upload to server but do i need to unrar this xbtt ? ore upload it rared with other files ?

btw there is gazelle.sql file too but if it have installer do i need to upload it to database and then install
instructions are a bit TOO simple to be understandable
but since this is not Fools prof i bet this won't be easy :)

Viperia 13-09-09 21:12

Well you could take a look here:

Well you have to unpack the xbtt.tar.gz and compile it on your server, also your server need to have memcache etc installed and you need root access to sql, php, apache and the entire server to run gazelle.


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