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DooM 9th January 2010 23:03

Looking for team!
Hello everyone! I'm looking for a staff team. I want to start a new tracker. I have a good host. Im looking for:
- 1 SysOP
- 3 Administrators
- 5 Moderators
- infinite Uploaders

irfan 9th January 2010 23:06

interested mate. how to apply?

Phogo 9th January 2010 23:18

Maybe a little info about yourself too...

DooM 9th January 2010 23:22

What infos ?

Phogo 9th January 2010 23:25

What source are you running, have you done this before? do you know anything about torrents?

Some incentive to why people should want to join your site?

joeroberts 9th January 2010 23:27


Originally Posted by DooM (Post 19220)
What infos ?

:lol: that's enough info For me to figure out If I want to join

DooM 9th January 2010 23:29

Im not running any source yet! I want to make a team first to build this tracker! I have the domain paid and the host paid! I have done this before! And I know everything about torrents! Also I have a seedbox.

Phogo 9th January 2010 23:32

Build as in custom code and design?

That wasn't mentioned in the above post.

Are you going to do the coding?


DooM 9th January 2010 23:34

I want first to choose a source code.... And after that I will mod that source! Any suggestions ?

Phogo 9th January 2010 23:38


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