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Elena 19th June 2021 23:42

Website loading optimization
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I am here optimizing the loading of the site - pages, css, js, pictures - everything should be cached so that the pages of the site will open FASTERLY to ANY user.
In general, the tests are compared to and, since they are built on the same base of JUNY TBDev. True, my DEMO-site has already changed the structure completely, but, as it were, the parent of all sites is the same.
CHROME has the ability to check requests on the site, view the cache, well, you can see everything there (in Edge, there seems to be no such feature yet). In short, three screenshots of the main page of the site entrance. Result .. Well, I want to obscenely cover such creators and developers of two sites, they put a bolt on everything and all users. This is how many damn unnecessary requests that hit the server! And the userís browser also beats so robustly ... Look at the screenshots and fucking. And I still take that moment that my DEMO site is on the old puff - FastCGI (Nginx + PHP-FPM) PHP 5.4.45 and a weak server!
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