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budgie 23rd August 2021 12:33

ive moved from BT.Manager
ive fixed the tracker just minor bugs to fix so ive called it a day with it if you want the code from me ill put on my github for download this as a dark theme not the old horrible theme that was on it as a few as said about BT.Manager now joe as left the coding side and took hes forum site down ill not be giving support for BT.Manager any more so your left to your own devices

thartley55 23rd August 2021 13:11

Thanks. Looking forward to getting a copy to play with.

budgie 24th August 2021 09:36

UPDATE to BT.Manager
Errors fixed
ill update github in a few days with fixs

thartley55 25th August 2021 03:14

Cool. Not sure if I have your github, so will be able to grab this.

budgie 25th August 2021 08:01

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keep your eye on this github

You do realize this BT.Manager is no good for external torrents it need alot of work which im not going to edit as i only do private torrents fill stop
What joe did was code it on PC for a live site as he would not get a server for it, So when it come going to live site when hes coder on the pc will not work on live site as it be all wrong as everyone as seen
all dfferent this why some of the stuff not working and getting errors on the thing hes done on PHP 7.4..YOU CAN NOT BEET THE GOLD RELEASE but it not up to date with PHP that everyone want to use
ILL give him credit for what he as done that what works
so to the user online users ive removerd it from shoutbox no need for this now
the shoutbox updates the users online it is too old i can fix it but ive made new blocks for this and some time when i get around to colding online off line user ill add to to users online blocks
ive done my best with it so far
In a way joe shafted him self by doing it this way no support for forum for it at all only here..its ok saying its project and the internet not your life sorry to say noone can say this you have a phone with it a pc with it amazon ebay so i can list so much here so yes he and everyone as time to go to a site and fix there own bugs ect no matter how long your on the net ...noone can tell thay have no time sorry your on the net and you can not be arsed to fix your bugs this what joe as done here left it with who every to fix em then one he come back and play a arsed fuck about what everyone as done top the code in a nutshell who fault is it yours not them who fix the code who are helping out

mogo 25th August 2021 18:11

Yes theme look awesome and Thanks for that, we are waiting for you to update your github repo

budgie 25th August 2021 19:24


Originally Posted by mogo (Post 55739)
Yes theme look awesome and Thanks for that, we are waiting for you to update your github repo

here you are github link

it is a archive download

mogo 25th August 2021 19:50

Thanks for that and for your work keep it up and don't give up ;)

budgie 30th August 2021 11:30

it as been removed from my github working on new

mogo 30th August 2021 23:05

There is so many many errors in that script. Thanks for your hard job joeroberts I respect you a lot, but when Napon take matters into your hands fuck everything

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