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kp380lv 19th February 2009 22:34

YSE v2.2 PRE7 by BoLaMN
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This is my updated PRE 7 source by BoLaMN

This update includes some important security fixes - also functionality.

This is unfinished source!

Changelog: PRE 7 version 2.2 by kp380lv

Fixed bug in takesignup.php
Fixed XSS hole in stats.php
Fixed bug in functions.php (validemail)
Fixed security hole in confirm.php
Fixed security hole in message.php
Fixed security hole in nowarn.php
Fixed functions_announce.php
Secured stdhead.php (ANDiTKO Theme)
Secured stdfoot.php (ANDiTKO Theme)
Secured delete.php
Fixed security hole in comment.php
Updated invite.php
Fixed issue with settings.php
Updated download.php

Soon next version 2.3 will be out...

Fynnon 19th February 2009 23:18

This is great work, thank you for this very usefull update :-)
Is this the Nehalem release ?

kp380lv 19th February 2009 23:30

No this just PRE 7 release - Nehalem is based on PRE 6:)

mazafaka 19th February 2009 23:40

Is this source better than Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE6 RC0 ?

kp380lv 19th February 2009 23:44

When i finished it then it will be better than PRE6.

carphunter18 20th February 2009 02:45

Thansk for the updated script!
cant wait to see 2.3 ;)

BlackRazor 20th February 2009 08:37

i have problem with installation!:unknown:


Fatal error:  Call to undefined function  newerr() in C:\xampp\htdocs\include\functions.php on line 519

codedash 20th February 2009 10:45

Mine went very well:drink:. You are willing to finally end up with a stable release in the future and give it a name like Nahalem or fix this one a bit?
It would be great if someone made this source stable/secure and make it a project like ttrader, tstrike etc.

kp380lv 20th February 2009 11:22

BlackRazor: I tested installation by myself - and it working without poroblems.

codedash yeah now i take this project :)

Ofcourse if somebody of memebers who knows something about trackers wanna help me made this better you are welcome:)

BlackRazor 20th February 2009 11:47

first i test on local host... than on same problem...!


Fatal error:  Call to undefined function  newerr() in /home/a7762390/public_html/include/functions.php on line 519
kp380lv??? Can you write manual how to install??:sos:

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