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Tones 30-10-12 14:54

Quick Menu
How do I stop this Plugin????

thx in advance!!

wMan 30-10-12 15:55


Originally Posted by Tones (Post 37113)
How do I stop this Pugin????

thx in advance!!

WHAT BASECODE IS IT ?? with looks of it its tsse now you need to go to the browse.php and remove it as you can see overlibs

Tones 30-10-12 16:35

Is TSSE 5.6, on sysop mod this plugin is not activ in user login this mod show up !! i realy dont need this !! I know it's something about browes.php but do not know what. Please be more specific!

x360zone 30-10-12 17:29

to solve it go to your profile settings and turn off quick menu simple

Tones 30-10-12 20:32


Originally Posted by x360zone (Post 37116)
to solve it go to your profile settings and turn off quick menu simple

ok first'm not an idiot!
If I keep a tracker I was able to press a button if it was there but the problem is that this plugin does not appear anywhere in my trackar push button on / off! So the problem is another. I definitely want to stop not only in my profile where I noted above that the Sysop this plugin is not enabled!

eckeO5 30-10-12 23:14

normally quick menu is not a plugin in tsse.
better to say its a function that can be enabled or not
in "Edit Settings & Options" by user.

but for sure its possible due to some modifications that you can or canīt use it anymore.

possible that a modification in .browse.php is the reason for that.

am not sure if i really understand whats meant above, but may be what i wrote helps.

greetz to all modders here


Tones 31-10-12 00:32

problem solved
for those who want to remove the quick menu this is what you need to remove from browse.php!!
thx all for help!!

PHP Code:

$is_mod is_mod($usergroups);
$special_search = (isset($_GET['special_search']) ? trim($_GET['special_search']) : '');
$do = isset($_POST['do']) ? $_POST['do'] : (isset($_GET['do']) ? $_GET['do'] : '');
$quick_search = isset($_POST['quick_search']) ? trim($_POST['quick_search']) : (isset($_GET['quick_search']) ? trim($_GET['quick_search']) : '');
$search_type $javaalert $from '';
$pagelinks = array();
$showvisible true;
$is_bookmark_page false;
$UseQuickMenu preg_match('#P1#is'$CURUSER['options']); 

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