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Napon 16-02-16 14:21

Napon Modded TBDev
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Read the install to set this tracker up:drink:
this i wanted to work on ill get back to moding it some time too many jobs on the go at min but have fun nice tracker

Set Up Instructions :

Repo Aadded geshi libaries

Set Up Instructions :
First upload the code to your server and chmod
chmod 0777 Folder/cache And all files
chmod 0777 Folder/logs
chmod 0777 Folder/include/config
chmod 0777 Folder/torrents
chmod 0777 Folder/install/announce_dist/config_dist
Create a new database user and password via phpmyadmin - Point to - fill in all the required data


Home page
new user
polls and tools to make polls
users online

cronclean for seedbonus and trade seedbonus page

class colurs
overall class colurs from staff to users and class icons from staff to users

up dated profiles with connectable,agent,seedbonus,class icons

i have no more time to fully mod this TBDev_2016 too many jobs on the go

mpx 16-02-16 20:26

i think that config.php file missing ?

ermobih 16-02-16 20:41

any screens, what for modds???

Napon 16-02-16 23:22

the config not missing at all have you include/config too chmod 0777 as the install fills this for you mate read the install cmd txt ...

bhast2 17-02-16 10:16

what is new with this one

Please list changes and mods and what not


DND 17-02-16 12:14

Tbdev2016? really? and still use mysql
and also javairc that is not supported by java anymore.

Napon 17-02-16 18:27

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DND do really think any user are bothered what you think about it i think not..As everyone likes the old OS and it will be under taken in time by my self thats nippen in the bud... any way update

DND 17-02-16 18:29

yes they would.:coffee:

Napon 17-02-16 23:41

And there was me going to put the upgrade on repo and this as put a end to it DND coss of peeps like your self putting remarks on like your self so if any one wants the upgrade no charge just pm me and all give you the link to download it

DND 18-02-16 00:07

upgrade it already. its a ~5mins job.
and also you should minify that html/php code because it is all over the place.

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