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Fynnon 24th October 2008 20:03

Bravo List Story !


Our goal is to spread the P2P "virus" !

I was thinking of writing this forums story, where it comes from and where it goes!

A few years ago there was a big tracker called that became a forum after some problems they had inside the tracker team.
On this forum people that used to visit the tracker came back and formed a community and by other things they were also talking about torrents and trackers.

Many young people that came from DC++ or just people new to torrents wanted to learn more about torrents and trackers and some even wanted to start a tracker of their own

This guys were asking questions about how a tracker works, how do you install it...etc
There were not many people in the forum wanting to help those begginers and many just wanted to make fun of

Then i tried installing a tracker for myself for the first time (on my pc with XAMPP) and when i saw it`s not so hard
i made a tutorial about tracker installing on a pc...many people responded to that topic wanting to know more!

In the meanwhile stopped supporting any other source other than tbdev so many people that wanted to use other sources felt dissapointed but had no real alternative to (i was one of them)

This things made me thinking of building a forum where people that want to build their own tracker, coders and tracker owners could gather and share ideas and resources .

We started with about 2-3 users on a netmaniack source forum (no torrents in that tracker we were just using its forum) on a free domain, then got the phpBB3 forum and soon domain name ("list" because i wanted a trackers list of all trackers out there)

After about 6 months of phpBB3 we moved to vBulletin thanks to a good friend of ours (which name i can`t disclosure) and here we are...

It`s not easy to run a forum so i tried to get some of our talented members to help me, everybody is doing a great job and we are looking forward to new chalenges and development of this forum !


We`ve started like this:

wMan 24th October 2008 20:07

i remember hmmm was that even a tracker? but you have done a great job here fynnon helping out others whom are lost or stuck keep up the good work m8
PS: bored lol become a author.....hehehehe

GaBoNtZ 24th October 2008 23:58

nice storry
this is a nice storry. :)
well, i'm glad you started this forum and thanks to all members of this forum.

joeroberts 26th October 2008 04:04

Good story
Glad some fool from the phpBB3 forum told me about this site as it has helped me allot.
I spent alot of time in the Filesoup forum for a long time but after the bad crash they had last year It just has never recovered as far as torrent sources go.

So here we are I was here when we where on a phpBB3 forum and just working out the kinks and now it is all coming together nicely.
I hope that this site well contennue to grow and prosper. There are allot of good people in here that make this place what it is and we seem to get more and more each day.

Krypto 26th October 2008 13:16

I too am glad that I came across a link to this place, and it's now one of my most regular haunts.

I've learnt quite a bit since my arrival and the Staff & Members are helpful which is always a good sign.

Like Joe I used to go to FileSoup but not very often now as it's not not like it used to be years ago.

Contrats to everyone and long may we continue:friend:

johnake 26th October 2008 23:48

Well, to be honest with you, at first when I came across this site... I was somehow reluctant upon its success, as long as tbdev was around.
But later I found out that it had somethin' special goin' on... so Fynnon got stuck with me. :whistle:
I sure hope that this community will grow even more further in the future.
Good luck to you all!

Dragan3591 27th October 2008 13:01

Man, I was always one of those that linger in a background and just read post and what not. Friend of my gave me this link one day and i posted one post in FTS because I use this source myself and decided to help out a person (btw. many thanks to the creators), and like the next day i came back and the day after and so on. This forum kinda got stuck on me. I love it and I'm proud to be a part of staff on here!!
I wish we outgrow all other communities.

dezza 11th November 2008 19:03

TBdev is bad anyways :coffee: .. Uses print which is slower than echo all trough the script, tables instead of divs, and too many coding styles in it, too many combined forces ..

CoLdFuSiOn 14th November 2008 23:33

I see. That's why TBDev is the most widely used and most visited torrent community site bar none.

What's your claim to fame ?

johnake 15th November 2008 00:09

@dezza... your post is kinda useless and (Fynnon could ban me here) you're kinda silly if you think that tbdev was conceived to be noob friendly. Oh... now you have enough php knowledge to judge the work of some people who in fact give free and unconditional support for choosing print instead of echo. If you're that smart... please... make a tbdev version with the proper modifications.
Playing around with tbdev encouraged me to learn some php, mysql and for the job I have today I owe them a great deal of credit.
If you could surpass your limited thinking, you would in fact realise that above all, tbdev is a learning platform and it depends on YOU to make it better.

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