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DrMedConner 24th July 2021 19:29

Peers Problem
Hello Guys,

Had a big Problem with Trinity ( U232 )

I use the php announce
$TRINITY20['announce_interval'] = 60 * 30;
$TRINITY20['min_interval'] = 60 * 15;

but i see that any Client Connect but next time like 15 - 25 mins Later all Peers at 0 what can i do that the connection will hold who seed in Client it says Working but if i download the Torrent with another client it dont connect

The Clients are all allowed ;)

thx for help

DND 25th July 2021 12:52

you need to check your announce error logs and see what is going one
also your webserver logs

DrMedConner 26th July 2021 00:18

Thats the Problem
Thats the Problem my error log says all is okey no Errors in Apache or Mysql my Announce log do all what he need to do but he just kick the client out :sad:

i think the Clientlist is the Problem

if (substr($peer_id, 0, 3) == '-qB') {
return StdDecodePeerId(substr($peer_id, 3, 7) , "qBittorrent");

if (preg_match('/^-lt0D(\d+)/i', $peer_id, $nspc)) {
return "Rtorrent 0.9.".$nspc[1]; }

DND 26th July 2021 00:29

that hasn't got anything to do with your problem.
more debug details are needed to see your actual problem, but i believe i know what it is
by any you actual have errors enabled in your webserver?

DrMedConner 26th July 2021 14:01

yes Error Reporting is aktiv witch log you need i can add him ;)

DND 26th July 2021 16:58

i need the announce error logs and the apache2 error logs

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