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guldhammer 14th September 2020 23:26

Sub Categories in TS??

Is it possible to make sub categiroes in TS Full Modded, and can anyone tell me how?

fireknight 18th September 2020 01:34

Are you using the phpBB2 forums or the internal forum ?

guldhammer 18th September 2020 12:44

I cannot get PhpBB2 get to work, så i consider what to do.

fireknight 19th September 2020 05:33

Okay I am going to install TS fully modded back on my laptop with Xampp.
And see if I can walk you through this.
Please remember that as well as another project that I run.
I also have a real life as well.
So please do not expect this to be a super fast work through.

You could also go here for more help

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