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Atmosos 11th October 2018 23:12

Rartracker (Good/fast tracker)
So i forked the rartracker source and fixed non working issues.. also removed the swe stuff and subtitles.
Also removed youtube as source for trailers, I now use imdb trailers extracted from the imdb.

I also created an auto uploader in bash for this script. It will:

- Monitor a directory where symlinked stuff is posted (ftp or other torrentsource) (with a small link script)
- It creates a torrent from a directory (directory symlinked to source)
- Will create thumbs/screenshot from a movie file (when movie file found)
- Will upload images to imgur when image found in root of torrent directory
- Will create mediainfo data
- Will gather imdb info for tv and movies
- Will check the category with regex
- Will upload to the site
- Will download the uploaded torrent
- Will remove hashcheck of the torrent
- Will add the torrent in a watch directory of your seedbox

- I will sell this script for 150 euro!

Added to rartracker:

- Add some nicer view for startpage [DONE]
- Pre info [DONE]
- Pre info on browse [DONE]
- Donation mod, with coinpayments. [DONE]
After donation the IPN will do some stuff, when status 100 is found the upload/bonuspoints and invites are added. (we need 6 confirmations, after the confirmations are there the stuff is added to the account)
1 thing that isn't Working.. We need redirecting to succesurl automatic, but it seems that its not working like it should. We have to click the url instead of automatic.
- Added more categories [DONE]
- Created an Invite TCL for Egddrop
/msg botname !invite

- Created Announce TCL for Eggdrop


- Added TRACER (in config.php) for (u need an api to join the race)

Still needs some work:

- Adjust the jacket file with new categories
- Latest forum topics on startpage [WIP]


user: Demo
Password: Demo1234

Tracker using my source :D

ps. Some new modifications are not pushed yet to the repo.

If you need simple help go here: (my nick is ERR1R)
If i need to install it, i will ask money for my time :-P

the source is here:






nilim 12th October 2018 12:15

Great job. Keep it up. I always missed this one

Atmosos 14th October 2018 22:44

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Added pre time :coffee::relax:

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sfs00784 19th October 2018 16:36

is this tracker good for non movie stuffs? something like software, ebooks, etc
i saw most trackers use imdb...and i don't need that Orz many thanks

Atmosos 19th October 2018 18:18

Sure, u can just add new categories or change the current ones.
U need to edit some php files for that.

Botanicar 20th October 2018 11:07


Originally Posted by Atmosos (Post 52687)
Sure, u can just add new categories or change the current ones.
U need to edit some php files for that.

Nice one here to ....


nilim 20th October 2018 14:30

Can you add xbt or ocelot support in it?

Atmosos 21st October 2018 17:36

dunno, have to check it out..

Ladbexy 23rd October 2018 10:06

it is very hard to install,last time i tried i could not install it on ubuntu 18.10

skydog 23rd October 2018 11:01


How can I create a user.
I only come to login page.


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