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JohnHasher 7th April 2021 21:05

Started Working on torrent trader
i have started working on torrent trader and i have big plans for it.

for the start i am going to add bootstrap 4 , here is a early preview (the work is on going) :

Here is some features planned:
  • SEO Links all over (done for torrent details ex : siteurl/torrentname-tid.html)
  • changing password hashing to bcrypt
  • add torrent block acc to cats.
  • New scrape system. (working on it..)
  • Sphinx search integration
  • omdb in details. (more features are planned)
  • Improved PM system.
  • Improved forum.
  • Improved torrent details page
  • Improved News system.
  • Comment system
  • More features planned in user page : wall to post comments , rep system , user verification and more ...
  • More admin features , uploader status request panel , improved report viewing panel and more ...

Update :

* Added online / offline icon

if anybody has any suggession or like to work with me , please contact.

added bbcode [torrent=*]

Bump: i will add more bbcode like [thread=**] , [blog=**]

artist 12th April 2021 16:37

you will have to put a demo and then ask for sugestions :P

budgie 12th April 2021 19:40

You have your work cutout on the new PHP you will not get a seedbox working at all and from home pc seeding will not work at will seed til clean up then gone..all TT is good for is external torrents full stop...why update a very old code that is no good for new PHP7

JohnHasher 13th April 2021 20:21

internal tracker is not good , i recommend using other better trackers out there.

i have fixed the multiscrape issues , added autoscrape feature (using cronjob) , new bbcodes (like in kickass) and i am planning to add more.

i stopped development of xbtitfm cause of lack of support and moved to torrent trader.

Bump: added magnet uri


an updated page

Bump: now you can refresh peers without refreshing the page

you no longer need table announces , files to store individual files / tracker , all are stored in same table in encoded array.

Bump: now fixing the codes to support php 8

Bump: updates

Bump: added new bbcodes + fresh interface

Bump: 75% finished on comment section\

moved to bs5 too

you can vote comments, reply, load more comments without refreshing the whole page

since i am working on this alone development is too slow..

Bump: more ss

Bump: updated the whole comment system , added search tags, new user page with user wall.

Bump: started testing the new chat system for my project

budgie 12th December 2021 17:07

what is the longin and reg page look like or is it open indexing

JohnHasher 12th December 2021 17:32

i didn't completed it so

all i did is added country flags, new captcha

like i said it is incomplete

Bump: added file tree for files

added for both v1 and v2 torrents

Bump: now works on php 8.1

Bump: now you can check for available username before registering

Bump: added social system


budgie 22nd March 2022 17:03

looks like a bag of shit:drink:

JohnHasher 25th March 2022 03:40

oh why do you think it is shit? have you ever made shit?

Bump: don't talk shit without even knowing about it

Bump: added blog system

next update will be on forum, faq and other minor fix

Bump: search tags ss

Bump: added new content reporting system and moderation panel(under development)

Elena 3rd May 2022 12:02

Nothing interesting, and the bootstraps in general a designer for those whose hands grow out of his ass and himself can not come up with a look and create from scratch what is his, new.

budgie 3rd May 2022 18:20

agree nothing much here APART a load of crap theme so on
also none can add block to write and left blocks to there bootstrap why can not be done with it

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