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Yesterday 18:27 TraceR
*TraceR replied to the thread TSUE V 2.2_FMEDition*
Yesterday 17:34 firefly007
Hi everyone
Yesterday 14:50 batuo76
*batuo76 replied to the thread Template Shares 5.6 - WDW Edition*
Yesterday 08:23 Ladbexy
@antimidas you could use cloudflare for anti-ddos protection,i think its not an excuse to shut down a forum with so many mods
6th December 2019 21:59 darkalchemy
my apologies, someone told me that you were trash talking about me, i will delete my posts
6th December 2019 21:32 Napon
And cybercop is hes side kick
6th December 2019 21:32 Napon
thartley55 yes hes nick is Darklord i think it is
6th December 2019 21:31 Napon
darkalchemy i never named you in shouts also never said anything about your github code i can not say ive not looked at it as have done..And yes i can do alot more with it but im not its your code full stop ok just hed to clear that up
6th December 2019 21:30 thartley55
@darkalchemy...In all fairness he wasn't 'dropping your name'...he is referring to someone else with 'dark' as part of his username.
6th December 2019 16:13 Napon
*Napon replied to the thread FMEDition - PHP7*
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