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04-11-18 18:15 DND
why are you talking by yourself? there isn't anyone around here. lol
04-11-18 18:01 BamBam0077
if you don't believe me about Ajax Google Ajax database connection and mod it to work for tbdev or u232
04-11-18 17:57 BamBam0077
admin panel can be hacked as for sale injection from the mod I provided a few years ago I don't see my php with sql so I can not say I could successful mod my admin panel!, if I provided SQL check it for sqlesc which mysqli_real_string_escape() knowing me I removed it for trial purposes and forgot to post it. i don't need to share this information but I am just to teach you all I could program even though alot you rubbed into my face I couldn't do shit then explain why is it I can SQL injection most of u232 mods here or on there support forum? I don't care anymore trying to demonstrate to you that my methods work or even unprofessional, I could use Ajax with a db extraction code then go from there by reading there code on server or rewritten the language files hahaha admin panel could be hacked heavy check V2 I would know I got booted off as owner class by someone in staff permission I forgot to ask bigjoos to patch it so here I am motherfuckers if you don't like my honesty then you better go elsewhere as I am raw as you taking a shit naked
04-11-18 17:45 BamBam0077
I also posted over at u232 so my post relates to mods I have over there also not just inside this forum.
04-11-18 17:41 BamBam0077
prevent hacks to certain degree so yeah DDoS protection of course lol sceneaccess use to use it I would know I tried to brute force the motherfucker was testing as I heard back then it had a bbcode flaw
04-11-18 17:37 BamBam0077
*BamBam0077 posted the thread SQL Injection *My Code**
04-11-18 16:55 darkalchemy
is cloudflare worth the cost? i'm assuming the Pro Plan
04-11-18 14:11 BamBam0077
cool how long site been back?
04-11-18 11:40 DND
03-11-18 13:34 BamBam0077
you using autobot like scars or you doing it yourself?
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