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13th September 2019 04:59 BamBam0077
I am just telling what I understand about code.
12th September 2019 17:01 davaar
ben a few years used to own untilFACT took me out lol
12th September 2019 17:01 davaar
just wanted to see if this site was still active
12th September 2019 17:00 davaar
12th September 2019 16:43 papad
Nicely put fireknight
12th September 2019 15:18 fireknight
admins you have one member here - who is a cancer on this place - he / she is on our site - and that is our issue - but here - if you do not do something about 1 member - you will lose all - to me that does not make sense
12th September 2019 15:15 fireknight
To the adims of this site - This place still rocks - people are still free to talk about sorce codes - open and feely - without the repocusions from the dedicate source site
12th September 2019 15:12 fireknight
This forum is suppossed to be about - continuing to make the community of tottent sites grow -with the dignaty and community - that started the whole - Peer to Peer sharing to grow
12th September 2019 15:07 fireknight
We all seem to be missing the point of this forum - and letting one member become the focus - you know who that is.
12th September 2019 15:06 fireknight
It is designed to be a free forum - so any one can ask anything about anything - and receive a un biased opinion.
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