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Default Talking about freedom of speach
There is probably some people here who already know me from a long time ago and to these people i must say i'm sorry i was off, some major health issues but do not mind that
p.s. still sorry for my english knowledge, i have not got any better at that

So i wan' t to talk about freedom of speach and maybe find someone who can help me out a bit
And this is the only place i know that i can ask about this

Ok so i used to work for some company
And as usual they promised extra cash for extra work i never recived
They had me sign extra paperwork for extra work and now they state it never happened
I want to go public on they' re ass but they claim to sue me
So i' m thinking to get some space on offshore hosting to post my story and then send it around from there
As i asume shareing a storry is not ilegal

Any ideas ?
P.S. really sorry for my english
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Old 06-02-17, 22:44
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if they know the story is about you then they know who wrote it. just use facebook, make a new account and a page
best way i think is to complain in the country where you worked at some official institution if you still have the paperwork
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Old 06-02-17, 22:46
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Yes but knowing will never hold up in court as it doesn' t prove anything
In this countrey papers are basicly only for toilets
I have read those many times and they are just not enough (as they are written in unlawfull way, i' m shure i' m not the only one)
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Old 06-02-17, 23:51
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talk to the legal authorities or appropriate channels, like union rep if in union, complain to better business, or if all else fails local newspaper.
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