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Unhappy Saying GoodBye to the scene
Well it has been a long time coming now.
I'm done I well be no longer coding.
After watching all the back stabing cheating stealing and just plane out ripping people off I no longer wish to be a part of this any more.
I got a reality check a couple weeks ago and found out that My father has colon cancer and is dying. This has made me reflect on my own life and I dont see any reason for me to carry on with this any longer.

I well offer to the most stable person all of my code from 3.0.1 including the data base.

Thank you every one!
Do not ask me to help you work on your site that is not phpMyBitTorrent
Do not ask me to make a mod for any other source
Do not Ask me to setup your site.
I will no longer help you setup your site, there is a setup script if you have trouble with it post in the forum here or in BT.Managerô forum
My Current Demo is here
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Hey m8,

I am sorry about your father, hope everything goes well for him and is not suffering badly.

I honestly feel honoured to have meet you mate I know we had our up & downs but we will get past that for now, respect mate.

I wish you all the best but we all know here you don't need it as you have mad skills which means you can do anything in the future.

Best of Luck mate!

"Iíve got a fire in me,
Thereís so much I have to see,
From where I was before,
To how far Iíve yet to go"
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Sorry to hear you're going thru some rough stuff. I know it can be hard to deal with.
Even so...I'd hate to think someone with so much to offer...would simply give up.
Maybe, for personal, family reasons...I can see it. But because of others in the scene...not sure.
People been trying to rip others off for a long time...don't see much of an end of that. People gonna be people/jerks/ matter all walks of life...not just in the 'scene'.
Maybe you could just 'turn things over' to someone else you trust...while you take a break...instead of just walking away.
I suspect you would possibly come to regret that...and come back around at some late date.
I'm sure others would agree, and hope for your future involvement.
And if not, then I will end this...wishing and hoping for the best for you and your loved ones.
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Old 19-01-17, 08:39
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Sorry to hear about your dad mate, I lost my dad to brain cancer in 2004.
I still miss him very much to this day.
The back stabbing and bitching has been going on since the days of the TBsource forums.
And will never end.
Just remember it is only a hand full of people that are like that.
Most people are grateful for all the work that yourself and other coders do.

I hope you reconsider your plan to quit coding, and take a long break instead.
But if you do decide it is time to walk away from it all.
Then the best of luck in your future, I wish you all the best mate.
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Old 19-01-17, 13:45
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Sorry to hear about your dad..hope all goes well

Been a blast working with you over the last years learned a lot even if i havent developed any codin skills
THX for all the help

Enjoy your chopters,planes and the hot readhead with a rack.. :P

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Old 19-01-17, 14:25
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Sorry to hear this Joe. All the best with your future.
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Old 19-01-17, 14:33
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Thanks for all the help Joe.
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My friend hello I know how you feel now that your father is terminally ill I last discussed this with your mother died of the same disease I also know that now every dad Chargers time gift to me was, and I read the line of the family and it is difficult to accept that dying hard crying can be caught by the many people who laugh at me but did not live through the painful not know what I know. Friends take care of yourself and staying power because now you can not do anything else.

smoky28 Sky-tech developer Team hungary.
Sky-tech developer Team hungary

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Sorry for you joeroberts and sorry about your father.
Good luck for the continuation !!!!
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Old 22-01-17, 01:00
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Default Sorry about your father
I have lost my father at Sept-2014, and very dear friend in Aug the same year(RogueSurfer), both to cancer, and myself with 3 cm tumor on my brain stem thatís inoperable because of the location, i sincerely understand what your going through, and my father and friend would rather that i continue doing what i like doing, and when my day comes i would hope that my friends and family continue doing what they love doing.

My understanding you took or I should say continue doing a project that someone else started that you believed that shouldn't be forgotten, and you transformed it into what it is today, and the other that speaks a great deal about the kind off person you truly are, you would give source back to the original owner, in todayís scene thatís unheard off.

I'm not saying that you shouldnít take the time you need to cope with your eventual lost, which i am truly sorry that you have to go through, but it's something that everybody eventually has to go through.

The thing is there is nothing saying, as a matter of fact it's encouraged real life has to come first, coding is a pass time and something thatís enjoyed, so my friend I hope you take the time you need, but for all the people that enjoy the source you maintain, you are going to be hard to replace.

In live we are always dealt hand that its hard for us to deal with, but in the end we have carry on.
U-232 Template Designer
U-232 Beta Tester
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