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Old 14-11-08, 12:32
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is there anything that i can do to get an invite to that site?
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Old 03-01-09, 00:21
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Default BLACKCAT games .net
I currently looking for invite to BLACKCAT games .net

thx and gr33tz to help
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Old 16-01-09, 07:09
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Default Seeking blackcats-games invite
Seeking blackcats-games invite or RevolutionTT invite or even a bitgamer invite
Willing to trade for stmusic invite(s).

Last edited by dudejo; 16-01-09 at 07:39.
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Old 16-01-09, 15:31
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if anyone can send me 1 invite... please

i have codes for demonoid if u want..

thx in advance
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Old 02-02-09, 03:08
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just tried getting on and got some business page wtf happened to blackcats???

i moved abroad on an exchange trip didnt have any need for torrents so didnt log on now i get back and its all screwed what happened???
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Old 03-02-09, 15:28
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FFS ^ up there, READ the first post!

anyway, i need an invite BADLY!

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Old 03-02-09, 21:32
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Default I would LOVE an invite as well
Just so you guys know, Invites for Blackcats games are down right now.

Anyway, I am really glad I finally found a forum that is active with this subject. Because I think blackcats messed up pretty bad with this keyword crap. I generated one like a lot of people, thinking thats all I needed to do, but they never specified to write it down or memorize it. And I don't think they want to take responsibility for the fact that they implemented some onery system, which is what it seems in all honesty.

Anyway if anyone is willing to send an invite my way I've got tons of demonoid invites up for grabs, hell I'll give a few out for free just email me here

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Old 04-02-09, 13:33
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I need invite... please
Also I'll show screenshots with me ratio from other trackers. if it's necessary, of course.

Last edited by noises; 04-02-09 at 14:13.
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Old 06-02-09, 20:20
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Default BC invite
i was a member for a long time, but due to my school exchange program for 3 months i forgot to park my account, and now it is deleted. can somebody please sent me an invite.
Thanks in advance.
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Old 06-02-09, 20:25
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Not a lot of point in requesting invites for BCG as they have done away with the invite system there and the only way to get in is via a referal system so i wouldnt waste your time trying to get invites for this site. Damn shame as it is a good site.
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