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Exclamation freeleech problem
hello i have a problem with freeleech, I put all torrent free but after 1 hour it is no longer free
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Old 26-09-16, 12:41
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Check in your cleanup... Or post it here :)

Due to free time I'm able to help interested member's
with their tracker.

Please Note!
Depending on your requests I will charge you for my assistance for Tracker installs and mods.
All my mods are custom and prices will very depending on the request.

I'm able to install any tracker and mods including themes.

Please PM me here! for more info!

Kind Regards Firefly

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Default Cleanup
PHP Code:
//mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET leechers = '1' WHERE leechers = '0' AND extern ='yes'")  or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET seeders = '1' WHERE seeders = '0' AND extern ='yes'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET visible = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'no' WHERE extern ='yes'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET x2 = 'no' WHERE extern ='yes'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);

//-------------------------------------------------- Set free by size ---------------------------------------------------//
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes' AND size >'4294967296'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET x2 = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes' AND size >'21474836480'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);

//------------------------------------------------------ Set XXX --------------------------------------------------------//
mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'no' WHERE extern ='yes' AND category ='27'")  or sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);

//---------------------------------------------- Set free by categories -------------------------------------------------//
//mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes' AND category ='18'")  or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
//mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes' AND category ='19'")  or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
//mysql_query("UPDATE torrents SET free = 'yes' WHERE extern ='yes' AND category ='33'")  or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);

/////////////////////////////////////////////// END Scrape external Torrents ////////////////////////////////////////////// 

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Old 26-09-16, 14:07
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from what i see in that cleanup code it seems this is some sort of modified tbdev..maybe version 06-08 with external torrents allowed..LMFAO
why ruin something that is good and make it public?
problem can be in announce also..who knows how the public modification is done...
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Default Freeleech
I realized I leave things as they are
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freeleech , problem

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