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All my work i do is on mass on my pc i do have a few users who want my work mods i do not give any of my work out for free chap who the f*****k you think you are ftsp 08 what noone likes lol

Bump: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Also torrantstrike v5 coder by me ring for more details
And torrantdrader v4 external torrants ring for details
And torranttrader v4 no external at all all privete tracking ring for detail
08 tbvdev fulmsqli mysqli
09 tbvdev fulmsqli mysqli
2017 tbvdev mysqli
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Originally Posted by Vinnie981 View Post
look into

he is one of best u-232 coders I know.............and actually fixed the fact that u-232 still uses shitty md5 password hashing.

Which devs still ignore
Shitty md5 password hashing ?

Folk like you are really helpful. You can't produce anything better yet feel the need to be a cheeky c@nt, let me see you write better.

He's such a great coder he couldn't send a pull request either huh ?

I'll be back soon on dev and I'll do some updating but right now my priority is real life, open source code projects don't pay my mortgage, I do. And don't bother replying either I've said all I'm going to say on the matter.

Originally Posted by Napon View Post
Wtf everyone knows u232 is crap code too much crap been put into it its tbv code at the end of the day just been renamed just like as done on that torranttrader 3 on here so why do you want to do it make your own core base end of the day who wants u232 any way
Napon, you're a complete retard. You don't know jack shit about U-232 and what me and the dev team have done to the core 09 TBdev to make it U-232. Its night and day. There is no source code out there to even compare it with but don't let that get in the way of your pathetic ramble. If no-one wants it then why did you feel the need to spout that shite here ?

Re-named, lmao man you're really scraping the barrel with that, do me and everyone else a favour and take your stupid opinion else where, stay away from this project page because all you have to contribute is negative, complete bullshit.

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