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Old 20-11-09, 12:10
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Post Can sumone do this please?
I found this site and i like there theme. They r running tsse v6.2 but i was wondering if sumone could get this theme for 5.6 ?
Might be silly question, but i dnt thnk it hurts to ask..
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Old 21-11-09, 03:12
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we talked about this before compare the style.css of this theme to default theme of 6.2 then do conversion to of default style.css of 5.6 and should work

and yea don't forget to get the pics too
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Old 22-11-09, 01:42
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its a custom theme designed by the owner.....why not ask him for it
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Old 12-05-15, 09:44
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ill rip it
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Old 07-06-15, 09:14
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I do themes
please check
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