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Hello, heros1991

very easy to install.
Before you upload to server and install you have to make this in the torrentstrike folder. :
a) a folder with name : bitbucket
a another folder with name : torrents
b) you have to make file with name : config.php ( i have upload for you , note must be empty ).
copy the file config.php to folder include
also the same file config.php you have to upload to folder phpBB2
c) Upload all you changes and the files to server.
d) you have to change permissions :
- chmod 777 your bitbucket folder
  - chmod 777 your torrents folder
  - chmod 666 phpBB2/config.php
  - chmod 666 include/config.php
  - chmod 777 phpBB2/images/avatars (only neeeded if you want your users to send their own avatars)
  - chmod 666 info/stats.txt
  - chmod 666 your cache/staff.txt
e) go to your adress name ex: http://localhost ... and at the end add admincp.php. it looks like this : http://localhost/admincp.php , from there enter your detalis... ( note the database name must have make it early ) and click Submit.. and start instalation .... Finish..
f) You be redirect to your site.. make a account , first account will be SYSOP .
g) to install phpbb2 forum , first make sure that in admincp.php the Activate PhpBB Forum is NOT checked.. now at your tracker url in firefox ,IE, opera ,chrome,etc, add this : phpBB2/install/install.php at the end of url , so like this: , then follow the steps , delete the install and contrib folder in phpbb2, again go to admincp.php on Activate PhpBB Forum make sure is now checked ,click submit, relogin on phpbb2.php end you are done .

Thats it , you can get it wrong..
Good luck.
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