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Napon 28-10-17 13:04

TBDev 2010 Repo
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TBDev 2010 REPO

Also a working seedbonus

some time ill give the mysqli out fullymod when i get time

Bump: Read the install to set this tracker up
this i wanted to work on ill get back to moding it some time too many jobs on the go at min but have fun nice tracker

Set Up Instructions :

Repo Aadded geshi libaries

Set Up Instructions :
First upload the code to your server and chmod
chmod 0777 Folder/cache And all files
chmod 0777 Folder/logs
chmod 0777 Folder/include/config
chmod 0777 Folder/torrents
chmod 0777 Folder/install/announce_dist/config_dist
Create a new database user and password via phpmyadmin - Point to - fill in all the required data


Home page
new user
polls and tools to make polls
users online

cronclean for seedbonus and trade seedbonus page

class colurs
overall class colurs from staff to users and class icons from staff to users

up dated profiles with connectable,agent,seedbonus,class icons

i have no more time to fully mod this TBDev_2010 too many jobs on the go

wongsa 30-10-17 04:51

Hi Napon

Very nice, but I want mod new tag for new torrent.
Help me.
Mod new tag for TBDev 2010

Napon 30-10-17 10:14

Ill look into it for you im very bizzy at min ill post up when done

wongsa 30-10-17 10:55


Originally Posted by Napon (Post 50791)
Ill look into it for you im very bizzy at min ill post up when done

Thanks for your efforts. Napon
I will wait for new tag torrent.

Napon 30-10-17 12:23

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ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `last_browse` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

PHP Code:

$htmlout .= "<td align='left'><a href='details.php?id=$id&hit=1' title='$disptitle'><strong>$dispname</strong></a>\n"

replace with
PHP Code:

$htmlout .= "<td align='left'><a href='details.php?id=$id&hit=1' title='$disptitle'><strong>$dispname</strong></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;".($row['added'] >= $CURUSER['last_browse'] ? " <b><font color='red'>NEW!</font></b>" "")."&nbsp;\n"

And dowload the new browse.php

wongsa 30-10-17 12:57

Ok nice.

Then we will clear the new tag torrent by auto refresh?

Napon 30-10-17 13:49

Happy to help out:drink:Reload page gone

wongsa 30-10-17 14:59

Hi Napon

Originally Posted by Napon (Post 50795)
Happy to help out:drink:Reload page gone

OK Napon

Napon 12-11-17 13:34

TBDev 2010 imdb
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Read the install of the imdb ...
Ive have made i invite mod for this ill find it out in a few days

Ill be updateing this code very soon so heads up more to come

Napon 15-12-17 02:04

I was looking into this mate not 5 mins ago ill will fix it

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