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Explorer 29-05-08 00:04
somebody have invite for this site? :phone:

SuspekT 31-05-08 11:39

i want a invite on the traker pls contact me !! ThX!! :drink:

winer1987 15-09-08 19:27

i have a invit to iptorrents pm with your email

underx 24-09-08 12:35

I have a fresh account on iptorrents.somone wanna trade?

Strikey 03-08-09 15:11

I have three invites to IPtorrents i will only give one out to a user that has an invite to scenetorrents and one out to someone who is a member at torrent leech.

Tony 03-08-09 15:15

iptorrents = rubbish tbh ..

YET another mirror site of Torrentleech with the extra bits of appz included.

Strikey 03-08-09 17:01


Originally Posted by Tony (Post 14047)
iptorrents = rubbish tbh ..

YET another mirror site of Torrentleech with the extra bits of appz included.

Lol you make me laugh!

Tony 03-08-09 17:07

why do i make you laugh ?

im a member of both the sites and iptorrents just gets the torrents after or before TL due to using the same uploaders and uploading script straight from the ftp's ...

so all in all its just a mirror site of TL and nothing more ..

ive watched 1 night and 2 mins after a torrent got added to TL it got announced on IPT and so did 90% of the new torrents added .

do you think ipt have dedicated uploaders for uploading pre torrents ?

they use autoscripts thats and thats how TL does it aswell.

Terminator 04-08-09 12:24

couldn't agree with tony more ...

coz everything iptorrent has is found at tpb with their viruses and trojans copy-cat in there and i mean everything!!!

BUT what mazes me is the admins in iptorrents letting all these copy-cat uploaders steal everything from other sites and NOT even warn them for spreading viruses in their community :mad:

this isn't how to maintain a site to grow up :unknown:

i'd say you're not missing anything if you're not in there... my 2 cents advise...!

Strikey 04-08-09 14:10

well atleast the have the torrents there what people want, they are a successfull tracker in my eyes. I asked for an exchange of an invite not a comment about IPTorrents.

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