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20-02-18 12:05 papad
thanks fynnon
20-02-18 11:47 Fynnon
Krypto i need to find a solution for that because if i add the Themes as a sub section using the cyb sub-forum mod then it will show up as a subforum and that's not good
20-02-18 11:43 Fynnon
i will leave it like this for a few days while i test how it works & feels but if you have any suggestions like adding new sections or changing others please let me know
20-02-18 11:41 Fynnon
the thing is they don't develop new themes for vB 3.8 so it will be hard to find a good one
19-02-18 21:37 Krypto
Either way is fine. Whichever way you go I'd put the Archived one at the bottom of the list and I'd make sure that each tracker source had sub-sections one for Themes & one for Mods. Yes is would take some time splitting them out into the correct sub-forum but it'd be worth it in the long run.
19-02-18 20:42 papad
cheers fynnon for your work, 1 question sir ?? any chance of a new theme??
19-02-18 15:07 Fynnon
guys i moved the forums around a bit to test a new look...what do you think about it, it's better to have them as in the source code disaply or as in torrent trackers?
19-02-18 12:07 Fynnon
i think the original opentracker source is this one because The only problem is the versions in repo vs forum don't match
19-02-18 11:52 Fynnon
*Fynnon replied to the thread UNIT3D Skins*
18-02-18 17:48 joeroberts
OK just update the post for BTManager 3.0.1 Please Please remember this is stell beta testing stage.
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