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22-02-18 03:51 son
if you dont get any saifaction in beta testing your new version, let me know and i will set up a server to run yours
22-02-18 03:51 joeroberts
I just hear people crying about hem and having to pay so much for his code but then turn around and give money to people like napon
22-02-18 03:49 joeroberts
yea I agree with you on that personaly I have never talked with hem so I can't say tomuch about hem
22-02-18 03:47 son
instead off boosting his ego
22-02-18 03:47 joeroberts
Your rite there
22-02-18 03:46 son
xam does have some good ideas, but i think that the ones that are trying to null his code, put the effort in making there own version
22-02-18 03:44 joeroberts
Yes it does
22-02-18 03:43 son
time flies m8
22-02-18 03:43 joeroberts
the F*ck if I know and all they do is bitch about the code to start with
22-02-18 03:43 joeroberts
I've been lead coder of phpmybittorrent/BTManager for over 12 years
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