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20-03-18 03:33 joeroberts
20-03-18 03:33 joeroberts
20-03-18 03:15 thartley55
I've set the menu to default expanded...but that reduces the size of the main screen.
20-03-18 03:13 thartley55
Why can the side menu not 'drop-right' over the drop-down menus do? That's my 'small' peeve.
20-03-18 03:12 thartley55
@HDVinnie...Sorry, not meaning to slam any code. But on your site if you click on menu, when it pops out it definitely does push the rest of the screen over...or rather reduces the size of the rest of the screen.
20-03-18 00:13 joeroberts
20-03-18 00:08 HDVinnie
SASS, LESS, SCSS and all that doesn't call for a degree lol
20-03-18 00:07 HDVinnie
how are GIF's annoying? Because this chat is poorly coded......thats why it flickers. Instead of banning gif's which is a bandage to the larger issue. Why not fix the code.....
19-03-18 22:51 ArcticWolf
new u-232 moving in the way of sass.. man pretty soon to work on a site you will need 5 computer degrees..
19-03-18 22:40 ArcticWolf
animated gifs should be banned so annoying
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