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08-03-18 00:14 Napon
come on dick your on here 24/7 just waiting to rip every one off dick
08-03-18 00:13 Napon
who do u think you are dick users on here do not trust the man he will take your money and run
08-03-18 00:12 Napon
come dick weed fuck face nobhead bring it on paypal cheet
08-03-18 00:12 DND
Still don't care or anyone he cares what are you saying
08-03-18 00:11 Napon
DND i do not give 2 fucks who you are at all you mite give the big one to all but not me u prick
08-03-18 00:10 Napon
Do not let the paypal cheet on your server he will.take the lot and call it hes
08-03-18 00:09 DND
Nobody asked you anything. So blow your mouth as long as you want. I don't care. We don't care. Noobody cares. XOXO
08-03-18 00:09 Napon
thats why your on here to nick every one server and code
08-03-18 00:08 Napon
So keep your code to your self what evey crap your using witch is not alot
08-03-18 00:06 Napon
DND why shout at user stop using Ts its up to them not your self thay have the server for the php so its up to them self if or not to us it do not you think ok peeps like you fuck users off
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