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20-07-18 01:37 BamBam0077
*BamBam0077 posted the thread [09] New Config*
20-07-18 00:12 joeroberts
*joeroberts replied to the thread How to approach?*
19-07-18 23:19 BamBam0077
short cut of my own style $title = ""; function setTitle($title) { $lang->settings['title'] = $title; } should work the same as for where title it is inside settings.lang.php
19-07-18 23:15 BamBam0077
Anyone just searched through Open tracker source? function setTitle($title) { $this->title = $title; } interesting found in library/Template.php I think that was the coolest part of that script
19-07-18 23:04 BamBam0077
*BamBam0077 replied to the thread How to approach?*
19-07-18 22:55 Napon
*Napon replied to the thread How to approach?*
19-07-18 21:31 BamBam0077
Just a small or minor or maybe major if you use xam code becareful I came across in ts1.3.9 userdetails.php can be hacked id,username, maybe password change lol just my 2cents
19-07-18 20:53 BamBam0077
*BamBam0077 posted the thread How to approach?*
19-07-18 20:44 BamBam0077
I was gonna rip apart tbdev nothing major and was just wanting advice to keep htmlout or go with another approach, remember back in the day how tt208 is bro without echo was gonna do that I am trying to figure out your controlpanel also but I will get it ;)
19-07-18 19:37 Krypto
Personally I prefer echo over $HTMLOUT but each to their own!!
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